After Corona Virus – your next stay at SBR may look like this

After Corona Virus – your next stay at SBR may look like this

After Corona Virus – your next stay at SBR may look like this
After Corona Virus – your next stay at SBR may look like this

On your first post-pandemic stay, whenever that happens, Shelter Beach Resort will be glad to welcome you. But, don’t expect to see the same front desk smile this time!

We are sorry to say this as the Covid-19 has seriously changed our old style of welcoming guests and the team has worked out some rules to keep you safe when you visit us.

“Creating a safe environment” is always the key goal and objective of Shelter Beach Resort. We have created a separate team for “Cleanliness & Safety” with the experts of healthcare professionals and Covid awareness committee.

In discussion with the entire team, the protocols have been successfully implemented by the management.

So, how will the stay in SBR look like? Let me take you into the tour now.

Step 1

Prior to check-in, the guest details will be briefed to the front office staff so he will not feel weird when seeing you for the first time.

Step 2

Once you enter the premises, you will be warmly welcomed by the security and the front office staff will be informed about your arrival.

Step 3

You must ensure to send a notification message visa Whatsapp/email to the front desk team before your arrival. GRC will be filled by the front desk manager and you can check-in at an ease.

Step 4

Once the check-in process is over, the housekeeping supervisor will be alerted and the empty room will be kept ready. He will be ready with the Guest Kits (towels, water bottles, tea bags, kits etc.).

Step 5

You are requested to carry out a few steps before entering the lobby area.

Allow the security to do the temperate check using the temperature gun.

Hand wash to be done at the hand wash station near the lobby

Mask to be worn or else request from the resort management.

Step 6

After the verification, you will be greeted by the front desk manager (no handshake). Your car will be taken for a bleach wash.

Step 7

All your luggage will be completely sanitized by the housekeeping executive. Empty welcome drink glasses along with tissue papers will be kept on the front office counter since there is not going to be any paperwork.

Step 8

The front desk manager will ask you a few questions regarding the stay requirement, payment verification, etc. Dont worry! It doesn’t take more than 10 mins.

Step 9

Upon check-in, the supervisor will ask you whether to bring in all the kits. After your approval, the supervisor will wear the gloves and then bring the kits to the room.

Step 10

It’s over now! You can just can chill and stay safe in Shelter Beach Resort. Your safety means a lot of us.
While you enjoy, our team members will ensure to work towards offering the best and safe environment.

You have any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop a mail to us at We love to hear your feedback.